Will RPA Replace Human from IT sector?

From our very ancient times, we are familiar with the fact that humans are considered as the most superior brain power across the planet. And so, does the human is striving from the very beginning to make a replica of its functionality in   the form of a non-living machine.

These machines are commonly known as Robots. A robot may be a combination of a hardware +software or software alone.

While talking in regard with RPA, well it stands for Robotics Process Automation. This methodology includes the robot as a software, which can do humanly tasks in an iterative manner, faster and with the most precise output. In this series of steps are followed by that robot with minimal human involvement.

After understanding this much now you may be wondering about the certainty in the existence of humans in the IT sector. Is not it! Well to answer this, one must digest the fact that everything comes with its own pros and cons.

RPA is highly effective in automation of repetitive tasks, back-office tasks, document verification, demonstrating presentations, shooting mails etc. And for your knowledge I want to draw your notice that these kinds of tasks involve negligible creativity, incapable to deal with exceptions and compatible issues, repetitive tasks, highly precise and security-concerned tasks.

IT sector is not limited to these sectors of tasks there lies wide responsibility to a firm for being creative, in customer interaction, moreover, to automate all these robots. LOL! So, feeling disappointed or worrying about your jobs sounds irrelevant at this point.

Out of constant reports and studies it has been found that no one could stop RPA from becoming a top ‘Boom & Spark’ of IT in fact there will be a great need of it since looking at the population growth along with its standard demands one needs to be super-fast along with maintaining the preciseness. This scenario is hard to think without RPA’s presence!

What one needs to keep in mind is about spending quality time in thyself growth, uplifting knowledge skills and trying to adapt to changing norms of the IT sector. (Dude! do not forget its IT, it takes less than a fraction of a second to change from sun to moon!) Changes are a part of life and you must accept it either willingly or unwillingly.

Frankly speaking, RPA does have the do have the power to impact jobs in some manner, but that does not mean the entire eradication of humans. If used in the right way it will help to bridge the gap between customer and company’s growth along with shifting our manual workforce to more creative and productive tasks.

RPA is highly capable of cutting costs of a firm, and if seen on a broader perspective, we can see only Banking as a sector in which it will be acquiring a major portion. Integrating it in any firm will surely be generating fruitful outcomes only and only if used in the smartest manner. So, to sum up, I would like to add that the goal of an organization should be to empower its empire whether using a tool or human resources.

Robots are nothing without humans! Keep this thorough in your mind, they are because of us, not our existence is dependent on them. It is we who are going to control and automate them according to our needs. So, just chill. Seeing RPA, as an asset to IT would rather turn fortunate while speeding our speed and efficiency, rather than criticizing or being worrisome by its presence.

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