What’s freelancing?

What is Freelancing?


Can we grab a Freelancer in Asia

Freedom of time, location, money, and emotion.

You can work any time you want. You do not need to bind yourself to a 9–5 job.

You can work from anywhere within the world. There is no restriction.

You can make the utmost amount money as you would like. There is no limit. The more you are employed, the more you get paid.

You can choose the persons you would wish to figure with. You do not get to work with the same boss whenever.


Let’s say Mr Joey is from US.

Recently, he launched his new product “A skin cream”.

Now, he wants someone to make the packaging for the merchandise so as that the merchandise will look attractive to clients and sell more.

Then, Mr Joey goes to a freelancing website like asiarpa.com and posts his project “Brand new packaging needed for facial cream”.

Now, freelancers such as you will apply for the project.

Let’s say Mr Joey will choose you.

Then you’ve to work on the packaging designing project and provides Mr Joey a superb packaging.

Now, how will you get paid?

Your payment will always be secured.

Mr Joey must deposit all funds to the website from where he hired you.

When the project will be complete, you will get paid automatically.

Again, if everything goes well, Mr Joey will hire you in future for more projects or recommend his contacts.


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