What problems is RPA solving?

What problems is RPA solving?


Here is the list

  1. Fatigue to Manual repetitive tasks: Bots free humans from performing manual repetitive tasks

2.Errors: Bot operations are error free

  1. Resources: Bot operations end in FTE savings and may be operated 24 X 7

4.Speed: Bot are able to do task competition during a fraction of your time that human operators require

  1. Operation Control: Bots are often deployed and scheduled within the way humans want it avoided conflicts or confusion

6.Audit trail: Bots further digitize the method and thanks to clear access permissions and logging maintain an audit trail of all activities performed. The same can’t be said about humans executing an equivalent process.

  1. Compliance: Failed automation attempts are immediately flagged off for human operators to research . Tasks failing to satisfy business validations won’t get processed.

8.Infrastructure requirements: Bot can run different processes on an equivalent server.

9.Facilities: Bots can many an time completely replace the human operator freeing up the physical space that might are required by the human operator

10.Management Control and visibility: Bots operations are often reliably operated and managed with a given set of metrics. Dashboard can be made available to view reports. The same cannot be said about human beings.

11.Predictability: It is easier to predict how long bots will take to execute a process. This is an important input within the drawing board of any activity

12.Exception Handling: Humans are likely to forget rules; but this is not going to happen with bots

13.Adaptability: Changes in workflows are often easily updated using RPA. Training humans to deal with the changed processes requires greater effort.

14.Lowering Costs: RPA over a period leads to cost savings.

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