How Robotics Can Benefit the Utilities Industry

Across multiple industries, robotics has been proven to improve productivity and quality while lowering labor costs and labor dependency. Beyond these benefits, the use of robotics also substantially improves safety, and can eliminate risk of injury from the equation if properly designed. For the energy industry in particular, robotics offers a multitude of additional benefits—especially … Read more

Edge computing infrastructure market set to be value $700 billion by 2028, says report

The worldwide edge computing infrastructure market is ready to be value $700 billion by 2028, in line with a report by State of the Edge, a member-supported analysis organisation. State of the Edge unveiled its findings at this yr’s IFX Convention in Las Vegas, in a free market analysis report that explains and paperwork the … Read more

Common Reasons Why Most RPA Automation Projects Fail

Common Reasons Why Most RPA Automation Projects Fail In business, most significant decisions spring out of strong necessities. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects are no different— these are generally backed by an organization’s hopes and dreams to increase efficiency in some facet of their workplace’s ecosystem. Plus, RPA projects take serious commitment, especially in terms … Read more

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