IoT vendor Sierra Wireless suffers ransomware attack, production halted

he device maker said it was working on bringing the systems back online

Internet of Things (IoT) product provider Sierra Wireless announced that it was the victim of a ransomware attack that disrupted operations last week (March 20th).

In a statement released yesterday evening (March 23), the wireless communication device specialist confirmed that it had suffered a cyber attack on its internal IT systems, but did not disclose details of the ransom note.

Sierra Wireless said, “At the time, Sierra Wireless believed that the impact of the attack on Sierra Wireless systems was limited because the company maintains a clear separation between its internal IT systems and customer-facing products and services.”

The Canadian company is now working on bringing its IT systems back online with the help of external consultants.

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As a result of the security incident, Sierra Wireless has also stopped production at its production sites.

Sierra Wireless, which makes IoT devices as well as network services and software, said its website and other internal operations were also affected. She hopes to be able to resume operations “soon”.

The Sierra Wireless website became unavailable on March 20The Sierra Wireless website became unavailable on March 20

The statement said: “The company expects to resume production at these facilities and to resume normal operations soon.

“In the meantime, Sierra Wireless is asking its customers and partners to be patient in order to improve the situation.”

The daily sip has contacted Sierra Wireless for more information and will update this article accordingly.

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