How should I start learning RPA?

How should I start learning RPA?

Based on my work experience, I would say every RPA aspirant should be able to use at least two top tools (Blue prism, Ui Path, Automation Anywhere), these three tools do not require coding knowledge. If you are good at solving a drag logically and analytically, you will excel in developing an RPA project end to finish.

Best ways to approach:

Continuous learning. RPA is a never-ending course. The more complex belongings you automate, the more knowledge you gain. So, strive to learn tool features daily. If you are through with tool features, then find out how the tool was developed by respective company.

Be updated. Always keep in touch with the portal of the tool and get help from the support team. Look for any new version of the tools. Invest time in learning documents which are published in the portal.

Top-Down approach. The time span required for learning these three tools is higher for Blue prism, then Ui Path and eventually Automation Anywhere. Never learn Automation Anywhere at first. Try learning Blue prism or Ui Path first then choose Automation Anywhere. If you are a master in Blue prism, you will easily learn Ui Path and Automation Anywhere within a brief period of your time. If you approach in reverse manner, you will find yourself taking longer to adapt to other two tools.

Grab Opportunities. Not everyone will be getting an opportunity to develop RPA project. If you are waiting for a developer role for more than 2 months, you are in a wrong path. You will certainly need a platform to apply and test your learnings and capabilities. Do take up a tester or maybe support role during an RPA project and see how others have approached in solving a drag. You will learn something better or even you can suggest a better solution. Never be idle after joining any company. Patience and diligence are vital for achieving the specified role you are looking for.

Know about the applications you automate. If you are automating Microsoft excel, SQL or Power shell, spend time in learning these applications side by side. After some days, you will become technically extraordinarily strong and confident.


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