About Us

Our Vision

NP Management Pte Ltd provide innovative robotic software applications that solve real-world problems. We are out to create a Hybrid workforce for SMEs heading toward Digital Transformation as RPA could mimic human task.

Who we are

We are in the business of developing RPA technology and developing AI technology to automate business processes across all applications, interfaces and environments. We are out to help the clients save money by reducing human error throughout the data tasks being performed.

Our History

We have partnered up with industry leader UiPath to offer UiPath RPA development, implementation, customization, integration services and more to their business workflows, core software systems, SAP, ERP and CMS for any industry who may benefit from this cutting-edge technology.

Meet Our Team

We are envisioned towards creating the world’s most innovative software applications to help organizations save cost, work better, faster and smarter.

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